Bilingual Resources For Busy Parents & Curious Kids


We're sharing our children's favorites to save you time from searching. Download, print, and have fun making new memories!


Got an email from Chalk Academy about a printable daily routine. After a month of staying at home, things start to drift apart. So it came at the right time that we need to hold ourself together again. This is so beautifully done. Love the font, pictures, everything about them!


Thanks so much for these! Perfect screen-free go-tos to keep language learning going over the summer even though I’m learning as we go.


The 3-Part Montessori cards are amazing - so well thought out and designed, with pictures of realistic animals and colour-coded according to continents. It's great how these Montessori cards encourage K to self-match even for new Chinese characters.


The big kids have enjoyed many printables from Chalk Academy! Before I found her site, I had to make all my own materials! Very thankful!

Grandma Collins

Although Dad is not as well as he used to be, he enjoys doing the crafts on your website!  When he completed the Hundred Board, he was very proud. (I printed it for my little one but Dad took more of an interest in it than he did!) Just wanted to share that as I am unsure if you ever anticipate your lovely cognitive enhancing activities for that use!


This is such a great idea!! Going to print these now =) Thanks so much Betty for all these awesome ideas!


This hundred chart from @chalkacademy is a must at our home. Snow pea (2yo) can count to 100 so I use this so he can recognize the Arabic numbers to 100 too. I used this for his older brother, Snap Pea, too.


My LO had fun using wooden pegs to hang clothes onto the laundry line, counting the pegs, pretending to wear the clothes, matching the clothes. Had a good laugh about wearing the tiny underwear/内裤 and bra/胸罩😂. We worked on fine motor, hand eye coordination, language, maths 👍🏻😍😍


This so beautifully made! The graphics look amazing. Thank you for providing these in other languages.