Collection: Lunar New Year

  • Lunar New Year Around the World Ebook & Activity Pack
  • Best Chinese Lunar New Year Activities Bundle
  • Printable Lantern Template for Lunar New Year Crafts
  • Printable Chinese Red Envelope 福
    Printable Chinese Red Envelope 福
  • Printable Chinese New Year Banners
    Chinese New Year red banners with oranges
  • Fortune Cookie Template & Inspiring Bilingual Messages
    How to make paper fortune cookies with a template
  • Chinese Firecrackers Template
  • Spinning Chinese Zodiac Wheel
    Chinese Zodiac Wheels Activity Poster and Years Chart by Chalk Academy
  • Happy New Year Coloring Pages
  • Printable Chinese Red Envelopes with 9 Lucky Words
  • Printable Christian Chinese Red Envelopes
  • Printable Christian Chinese New Year Banners